Welcome to the Healing Monk

The Healing Monk Philosophy for People and Pets is all about nurturing and supporting you  throughout your spiritual journey. You are encouraged to journal in between sessions. The door is ‘always open to you’ if you wish to ask any questions or have a transformational experience you wish to share with Judy!

There is a bond between ourselves and our pets that can rarely be put into words. We cherish and respect our pets as if they were our own children. But what happens when behaviours get out of sync? What happens when one of us begins to misinterpret the others behaviours and we lose the mutual respect needed for a healthy relationship? Frustration is often the outcome and it comes from both you and your pet. These outcomes can manifest in many undesirable and often unpredictable ways.

The Healing Monk energy can facilitate a peaceful resolution for you and your pet to attain a harmonious, happy relationship. Whether you are starting with a very young pet or one that has been in the family forever, Judy will design a unique Custom Program just for you!

Description of Holistic & Healing Modalities

  • Animal Communication is connecting with an animal telepathically and discovering what it has to say to you. Telepathy is used between all species, including humans. It is an extension of intuition in its most natural state and involves the receiving and sending of feelings, words, messages, images, and energy transcending distance, time and space. Everyone has this capability and is telepathic in varying degrees.
  • Thetahealing is the purest of healing energy from the Creator. The facilitator (Judy) witnesses this healing energy upon entering a theta or meditative brain wave state and holds the space, while the healing takes place. The facilitator does not do the healing. In this state Reincarnation or Past Lives may be witnessed or the facilitator may actually ‘see’ or ‘feel’ what is inside the physical body. This is called a ‘remote viewing scan’.
  • Healing ~ for “You”
    Addressing out dated belief patterns which no longer serve you. Should you wish to have an energy clearing, Judy will assist you in eliminating ‘old stuff’ that no longer serves you! Transformation, empowerment and the making of a Miracle are just a heartbeat away!
  • Healing ~ for Your “Pet”
    Often times our issues are placed on the animal and they in turn ‘mirror’ back to us where the real lack of harmony is in the relationship. A pet healing relieves stuck energy in your pet and restores the flow of chi energy.
  • Reiki is energy which flows through the practitioner, to you, balancing on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. In the old days it was called “laying on of hands”. Distance healing can be done with Reiki remotely (which is at a distance). As energy transcends across all time space and dimensions, it just takes intention to send Reiki healing energy.
  • Chakras are energy spinning vortices located in the body. The animal or person absorbs energy through these centers and it is filtered outwards. When there are energy blockages, it may hinder energy flow. If there are no medical issues from your veterinarian look to the animals energy field. Blocked chakras symptoms may go hand-in-hand with undesirable behaviour from your pet, or if they are acting in unusual or unpredictable ways.
  • TTouches are widely used and are in many variations. The basic technique will consist of random non-habitual finger tip motions, reducing tension and bringing awareness to that part of the body you are addressing. TTouches are for people as well, and have been used as a therapy modality in hospitals.