www.Heila.ca ~ Animal Strategist & Certified Energy Healing Facilitator How you will benefit from an Animal Strategist’s consultation! When I look at an animal and the issues or questions their owners have expressed, I ‘figure out’ the disconnect and personal dynamics of their unique relationship. Whether it is a bad habit, trauma, fear based, training issue or energy […]

    Chakras for People   In the body there are some minor chakra centers and seven major locations. Each chakra has it’s own frequency vibration thus the varying colors that are assigned to each individual chakra. People with blocked or imbalanced chakras may experience the feeling of “being off” and cannot figure out why. […]

Dog Chakras

Chakras are energy spinning vortices located in the body. The animal absorbs energy through these centers and it is filtered outwards. When there are energy blockages or imbalances, it may hinder energy flow. If there are no medical issues for your pet from your veterinarian, look to the animals energy field. Blocked chakra symptoms may […]

  Salt  (Sidewalk)  and De-Icers ~ Before we get into foods and medications to avoid for our pets, lets not forget that sidewalk salt and a majority of de-icers can be toxic when absorbed through your dog’s paw pads during the winter months. There are a variety of ‘Paw Balm’ products to choose from, and […]

…and what they would like You to know about Them ~ Dogs are creatures of habit. They like to have their bed and food bowls in the same place; Otherwise, this may be unsettling and confusing to them. It is the same idea as if you were to come home and find your furniture rearranged […]

Are you thinking about expanding your family with a dog? Here are some basic tips you may want to consider before your wonderful unconditional loving companion arrives. Firstly, what is your lifestyle? Do you want an active dog or perhaps a lap dog? There are several groups of dogs to choose from namely ~ Sporting […]

Wolves are the ancestors of the dog. They have a hierarchical structure and their specific territories are sacred to them, they are social animals and live in, and form packs. Within the wolf pack there is an Alpha or dominant male, and an Alpha, or dominant female. As within the wolf pack, the younger and […]

Our Program offers Animal Communication Mentoring for you throughout the whole training program, especially for you. In other words you learn “how to communicate with your dog” on an intuitive level and ‘relationship build’ which will result in a harmonious relationship with your pet for ever lasting results. When people come to Judy for dog […]